Ivermectin Online – Buy or Not?

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Ivermectin is suggested by doctors as it is among the most effective medication for getting rid of various types of parasitic infections. It is FDA approved and is used for the treatment of several types of RNA and DNA viruses. It is a prescription-based drug and is generally given in the form of a single dose to patients. It is also used for the treatment of other medical conditions intestinal parasites and river blindness. Among the RNA and DNA viruses, the most common is the dengue, yellow fever, Zika, etc. Ivermectin shot into fame during Covid 19 as it was thought to have great potential in fighting the virus. However, the FDA has not approved the medication for Covid 19 while the WHO states not to use the drug against Covid 19 as there is insufficient evidence about its effect.

Anti Parasitic Ivermectin for Various RNA and DNA Viruses

Since the drug is effective against various viruses it has been a great remedy for travelers who had contracted river blindness during their visit to tropical parts of the world. River blindness is a tropical skin disease and is caused by a parasitic filarial worm. The worm is found inside black flies which breed in tropical rivers. It is the larvae of the parasite that gets transported into the human eyes when a black fly bites and causes blindness.

Dosages and Caution

You must first take Ivermectin intended for humans as a much stronger medication of the same drug is available for use in animals. These are veterinary products meant for removing parasitic worms from horses, cattle, sheep, etc. The products are in highly concentrated form and can result in overdoses if you use them.

For some patients, Ivermectin can make them dizzy, and therefore you need to move around cautiously after taking the medication. You can take a single dose as per your doctor’s recommendation. It is usually taken at least one or two hours before the meals by consuming a full glass of water.

Some people may need to follow a schedule as per the recommendation of their doctors. In other people, the viruses may again reappear after a year and hence they may need to take the medication again after a few months to a year.

Side Effects from Ivermectin

It is safer not to take ivermectin single dosage if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Again, if you are allergic to the medicine you shouldn’t take it and you can find out if you have hives, difficulty breathing, or swelling on the face, lips, tongue, etc.

If you suffer from eye pain, puffy eyes, severe skin rashes, and itching all over your body then you must call your doctor who may advise you accordingly. If there is confusion and you have trouble walking, fever, or pain in joints or stomach you may have to stop taking Ivermectin. You may otherwise experience loss of bladder or convulsions or diarrhea.

In some extreme cases, you may even feel like passing out and in all the above instances it is best to consult your doctor. Some people are prescribed to take the medicine according to a schedule and may be under the watchful eyes of the doctor.