EcoTEAM habitat restoration event

The Pacific Spirit Park Society is a non-profit group whose programming includes a core element that is centered on ecological restoration and empowering community members through skills development and stewardship training. Much of our restoration work is accomplished through our weekly work parties known as EcoTEAM events. One such EcoTEAM event will take place on Saturday June 12 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm PDT. We will be working on our current habitat restoration project: habitat restoration for Fairy Shrimp. These little crustaceans, whose life cycle depends on shallow ephemeral ponds (seasonal pools of water), are an imperiled species as city development drains “waste” lands. In a tiny corner of Pacific Spirit Regional Park, fairy shrimp were found in a small pond. Our project aims to increase the viable habitat area for the fairy shrimp with the aim to increase their population. In our EcoTEAM event on June 12th, we’ll be removing invasive plants to make way for subsequent fall planting of native plants. Because COVID has restricted our team events to a maximum of 10 people, we won’t be able to take any new volunteers on June 12th. However, we encourage you to email our Program Coordinator ( if you are interested to join our team in the future as we’ll certainly be opening up our EcoTEAM events to new volunteers as COVID restrictions lesson. We also encourage you to visit the Pacific Spirit Park Society website, and our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Primary Activity: Invasive species treatment
Accessibility: Easy walk

Organizer Details
Metro Vancouver Regional Parks
Catching the Spirit

Organizer: Pacific Spirit Park Society (Website)
Partners: Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Catching the Spirit

COVID Protocols

Our EcoTEAM events are currently at a limited capacity with a maximum of 10 volunteers per event. All volunteers check in as they arrive and must acknowledge that they have read and answered "no" to the COVID screening questions. All gloves are washed after every session, and tools are sanitized before and after use; volunteers cannot share their tools. All snacks are individually wrapped. Volunteers work at no less than 2 meter spacing; some choose to wear masks.

Registration & Contact Info

Registration: The June 12th event is closed for registration but to join future events (as COVID restrictions lessen), please contact our Program Coordinator.

Name: Laura Cottle
City: Vancouver
Country: Canada

Date & Time

June 12, 2021 @ 1:00 pm
Local timezone


Location: University Boulevard and Sword Fern trail
City: Vancouver
Country: Canada
Region: North America