International Monarch Habitat Restoration and Webinar

Dr. Jaramillo-López will lead an online webinar, as part of SER-Western Canada's ongoing webinar series. He will tell us about the plight of the Monarch butterflies that overwinter in Michoacán, Mexico and what we can do to help.

Register for the webinar here: This will also register you as a volunteer for the event.

Volunteers are encouraged to attend the webinar and learn more about Monarchs and their habitat requirements. We then ask that volunteers plant or seed milkweed (for those that live in North America), or otherwise engage in butterfly-supporting activities. Please keep track of what you do, how much area you work with, and how many people are involved. You can send us these data, along with any photos or videos you take, to record your participation in this international, dispersed volunteer event!

Primary Activity: Revegetation/Seeding
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible
Family Friendly

Organizer Details
SER - Western Canada

Organizer: Dr. Pablo Jaramillo-Lopez, Laboratorio de Agroecologia, UNAM (Website)
Partners: SER - Western Canada

COVID Protocols

No central gathering will take place for this event. Webinar attendees are encouraged to fulfill the volunteering aspect of this event in their own regions, following all local COVID protocols.

Registration & Contact Info


Name: Keith MacCallum
City: Alma
Country: Canada

Date & Time

June 7, 2021 @ 12:00 pm
Local timezone


Location: Virtual
City: Morelia
Country: Mexico
Region: North America