Living In A Green Environment Is Possible

A clean up campaign by the students of the Environmental Science department of the university of Buea in side and around the school campus , Cameroon. Sensitization on the theme for this year’s Environment Day “Ecosystem Restoration”

Primary Activity: Garbage clean up
Accessibility: Easy walk
Family Friendly

Organizer Details
University of Buea , Cameroon 
Aerobics First

Organizer: Environmental Science Student Association ( ESSA)
Partners: University of Buea , Cameroon Aerobics First

COVID Protocols

Wearing of face masks , hand gloves and frequent hydration of the individuals .

Registration & Contact Info

Registration: +236754145073

Name: Forbi Perise Nyosai
City: Buea , Cameroon
Country: Cameroon

Date & Time

June 4, 2021 @ 8:30 am
Local timezone


Location: University of Buea
City: Buea
Country: Cameroon
Region: Africa