Qaraoun lake clean-up

the event will taking place in Qaraoun near to Qaraoun lake, on June 5, 2021. We will post an invitation for registration and the gathering will be near to the lake in Qaraoun. In the invitation we will give them 5 days (dates), because we will have 5 days for the event.
In each day we will have a welcoming with reminder of covid-19 precautions.
Then a small Introduction about the objective of the event and in what context it's.
The important of Qaraoun lake and why we should work on cleaning around it.
Then we divide the groups to start with different plots, and we launch the week.
In each day we will take a group photo for the volunteers and photos before and after for the plots cleaned.
at the end of the event a social media post will highlight this event and the impact with the photos with hashtag for the World Environment Day with the related slogan.

Primary Activity: Garbage clean up
Accessibility: Easy walk
Family Friendly

Organizer Details

Organizer: Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (Website)
Partners: Qaraoun club volunteers from Qaraoun and neighboring towns Corridor planning committee of Rachaiya corridor Union of municipalities of the Qaraoun lake

COVID Protocols

wearing face mask safe distance between the volunteers wearing cloves availability of sanitizer

Registration & Contact Info


Name: Fatima Hammoud
City: Khirbet Rouha
Country: Lebanon

Date & Time

June 5, 2021 @ 9:00 am
Local timezone


Location: Qaraoun lake
City: Qaraoun
Country: Lebanon
Region: Asia