A framework for the practical science necessary to restore sustainable, resilient, and biodiverse ecosystems

Miller, B.P., E.A Sinclair, M.H.M Menz, C.P. Elliot, E. Bunn, L.E. Commander, E. Dalziell, E. David, B. Davis, T.E. Erickson, P.J. Golos, S.L. Krauss, W. Lewandrowski, C.E. Mayence, L. Merino-Martin, D.J. Merritt, P.G. Nevill, R.D. Phillips, A.L. Ritchie, S. Ruoss and J.C. Stevens

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Despite increasing restoration research activity, a gap between the immediate needs of restoration practitioners and the outputs of restoration science often limits the effectiveness of restoration programs. Regrettably, studies often fail to identify the practical issues most critical for restoration success. We propose that part of this oversight may result from the absence of a considered statement of the necessary practical restoration science questions. Here we develop a comprehensive framework of the research required to bridge this gap and guide effective restoration. We structure questions in five themes: (1) setting targets and planning for success, (2) sourcing biological material, (3) optimizing establishment, (4) facilitating growth and survival, and (5) restoring resilience, sustainability, and landscape integration.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Restoration Ecology