A New Technique for Tidal Habitat Restoration: Evaluation of its Hydrological Potentials

Beauchard, O., S. Jacobs, T.J.S. Cox, T. Maris, D. Vrebos, A. Van Braeckel and P. Meire

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The inability to create an adequate tidal regime in embanked areas is a major problem for restoring estuarine habitats. The controlled reduced tide system (CRT) was previously hypothesized to overcome this constraint. As part of an estuarine management plan which combines flood protection and tidal habitat restoration, the first CRT system was implemented in the freshwater zone of the Schelde estuary (Belgium). Based on four years of high-frequency monitoring on the first CRT and the adjacent estuary, this study demonstrates the hydrological functionality of CRT.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Engineering