A REDD+ Manual for Botanic Gardens

Probert, C., S. Sharrock and N. Ali

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Traditionally botanic gardens have focused on studying the taxonomy and biosystematics of plants and growing specialist collections for research, teaching and display. In recent decades responsibilities have expanded to include conservation, education and sustainable development and increasingly to link with the livelihood issues of local communities. Botanic gardens working in partnership with organisations such as Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) have had a significant influence on the development and implementation of international biodiversity policy (see Box 6). Considering their strengths, many unique to botanic gardens, this booklet illustrates how botanic gardens may use their skills to contribute to the REDD process and more specifically to REDD+ projects. With reference to a series of ‘capacity gaps’ identified from a selection of REDD+ pilot projects, case studies from botanic gardens around the world expose potential opportunities for botanic gardens to support the future implementation of REDD+ projects.

Resource Type:
White Paper

Botanic Gardens Conservation International