A vibrant Junior LandCare Project in the Western Cape Province

Grant Jephthas

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The Junior LandCare programme can be seen as the cornerstone for youth development to provide for sustainable resource management for future generation. To ensure that the Junior LandCare programme promotes development of youth with regards to natural resource management, three themes were created: SoilCare, WaterCare and VeldCare. The various themes entail; SoilCare: Soil life, erosion, horticulture, and composting. WaterCare: Water cycle and water life. VeldCare: Indigenous and alien plants and trees. The Junior LandCare programme promotes food security for homes and schools as food garden competitions are held on a regular basis to create awareness regarding LandCare and sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, the programme also improves leadership skills of the youth as various leadership facilitators are kept consistently in the province. It developed and creates business for local service providers that specialise in environmental education. The main aim of the presentation is to explain the Junior LandCare programme and its various success stories in the province.policy

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