Adaptation at the Interface of Forest Ecosystem Goods and Services and Livestock Production Systems in Northern Mali

Brockhaus, M. and H. Djoudi

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Local adaptation to climate change for sustainable natural resource management lacks an appropriate political and institutional framework, or can even be counteracted by interventions that do not take account of existing local adaptive responses. Further efforts are needed to link local efforts to national and global approaches, and ensure planned and strategic adaptation to climate change. The study was designed as demand-oriented research combining national and local activities. In order to feed research results immediately into on-going adaptation processes, the site selection was based on an initial interview phase at national level to harmonise research activities with national processes. This was followed by further interviews at regional level (Tombouctou) and a workshop on vulnerability and adaptation to climate change at district level (Goundam). An intense field research was then undertaken at two sites north of the Lake Faguibine area (Tin Aicha and Raz’al’Ma), combining bio-physical (transects: forest cover, density, estimation of biomass production, etc.) and participatory social research related to livestock production systems, natural resource utilization and adaptation strategies.

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White Paper

Center for International Forestry Research