Adapting land restoration to a changing climate: Embracing the knowns and unknowns

Pramova, E.; Locatelli, B.; Djoudi, H.; Lavorel. S.; Colloff, M.; Martius. C.

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Even if bold efforts to curb climate change materialize, people will still need to adapt to the changes that have already happened, and these are projected to intensify in the future. And land restoration should be envisioned in this context; one of change and unpredictability, and the need to adapt. In this brief, we discuss the knowns and unknowns about land restoration and societal adaptation under climate change. We include a list of questions that can help navigate the knowns and unknowns related to land restoration and people’s adaptation in particular contexts.

Resource Type:
White Paper

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)