Advancing Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) in Asia and the Pacific

Dugan, P.C., P.B. Durst, D.J. Ganz and P.J. McKenzie

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Over the past several decades, scattered efforts have been made to develop and apply ANR approaches to forest restoration. Whilst knowledge in this area has grown considerably, it is now apparent that there are additional opportunities to diversify strategies and to expand restoration work. Given the low cost and numerous benefits from ANR, it would seem logical that ANR be accepted and applied broadly. Surprisingly, however, ANR techniques are still vastly under-appreciated and under-utilized in the region. This is in part due to the fact that few efforts have been made to promote ANR. It is in this context that this selection of papers has been compiled, to synthesize the current knowledge on ANR. This overview presents a short summary of the selected papers and some general themes emerging from the workshop.

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Technical Document