An Invasive Plant Management Decision Analysis Tool

Zimmerman, C., M. Jordan, G. Sargis, H. Smith and K. Schwager

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The primary purpose of the Invasive Plant Management Decision Analysis Tool (IPMDAT) is to assist The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and partner agencies and organizations in deciding if an invasive plant management project is likely to be successful: i.e. to achieve desired conservation outcomes with acceptable costs. A successful invasive plant management project should not only remove or reduce an invasive plant – it should also result in long-term maintenance or restoration of the viability/health/resilience of desired species, natural communities, and/or ecosystem processes. The IPMDAT will help ensure that limited resources are used most effectively. Our approach is designed for invasive plants, but a similar method could be used for invasive animals and insects.

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Web-based Resource

The Nature Conservancy