Applying Plant Facilitation to Forest Restoration: A Meta-Analysis of the Use of Shrubs as Nurse Plants

Gomez-Aparicio, L., R. Zamora, J.M. Gomez, J.A. Hodar, J. Castro and E. Baraza

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Between 1997 and 2001, we carried out experimental reforestations in the Sierra Nevada Protected Area (southeast Spain) with the aim of comparing the survival and growth of seedlings planted in open areas (the current reforestation technique) with seedlings planted under the canopy of preexisting shrub species. Over 18 000 seedlings of 11 woody species were planted under 16 different nurse shrubs throughout a broad geographical area. We sought to explore variation in the sign and magnitude of interactions along spatial gradients defined by altitude and aspect. In the present work, we report the results of a meta-analysis conducted with seedling survival and growth data for the first summer following planting, the most critical period for reforestation success in Mediterranean areas.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Applications