Are Coastal Dune Management Actions for Biodiversity Restoration and Conservation Underpinned by Internationally Published Scientific Research?

Bonte, D. and M. Hoffmann

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In this contribution, we review past and present, internationally published scientific research and its most important consequences for nature management and the conservation/restoration of biodiversity. Results are contrasted with contemporary management practices in order to detect management shortcomings and fields where scientific research needs to be extended and published in order to fine-tune often expensive and quite radical irreversible management practices. In general, our mini-review stresses the need for process-based research on a broad spatial scale and detailed research at a local scale for the assessment of optimal nature management actions, especially in view of potential negative feedback mechanisms.

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Technical Document

Proceedings ‘Dunes and Estuaries 2005’ – International Conference on Nature Restoration Practices in European Coastal Habitats