Aspects of Adaptive Management of Coastal Wetlands: Case Studies of Processes, Conservation, Restoration, Impacts and Assessment

Dale, P.E.R., M.B. Dale, J. Anorov, J. Knight, M.C. Minno, B. Powell, R.C. Raynie and J.M. Visser

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Coastal wetlands are dynamic and include the freshwater-intertidal interface. In many parts of the world such wetlands are under pressure from increasing human populations and from predicted sea-level rise. Their complexity and the limited knowledge of processes operating in these systems combine to make them a management challenge. Adaptive management is advocated for complex ecosystem management. Adaptive management identifies management aims, makes an inventory/environmental assessment, plans management actions, implements these, assesses outcomes, and provides feedback to iterate the process. This allows for a dynamic management system that is responsive to change.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Studies