Biodiversity for Development: South Africa’s Landscape Approach to Conserving Biodiversity and Promoting Ecosystem Resilience

Cadman, M., C. Petersen, A. Driver, N. Sekhran, K. Maze and S. Munzhedzi

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This Primer showcases tools that have been developed in South Africa as part of such a landscape approach. It describes how these tools have been developed and used by government and civil society role-players in the period since South Africa’s first democratic elections with universal franchise in 1994, to manage, conserve and use biodiversity sustainably in support of socio-economic development. The Primer explains, with the use of selected case studies, how adoption of the landscape approach can: 1) enable implementation of the ecosystem approach to biodiversity conservation, 2) facilitate working in co-operative partnerships to address the interconnected issues faced by biodiversity and society in an integrated way, and 3) promote the resilience of ecosystems and society to climate change.

Resource Type:
White Paper

South African National Biodiversity Institute