Bioremediation of Mangroves Impacted by Petroleum

Santos, H.F., F.L. Carmo, J.E.S. Paes, A.S. Rosado and R.S. Peixoto

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This review will present the state of the art of bioremediation in oil-contaminated mangroves, new data about the use of different mangrove microcosms with and without tide simulation, the main factors that influence the success of bioremediation in mangroves and new prospects for the use of molecular tools to monitor the bioremediation process. We believe that in some environments, such as mangroves, bioremediation may be the most appropriate approach for cleanup. Because of the peculiarities and heterogeneity of these environments, which hinder the use of other physical and chemical analyses, we suggest that measuring plant recuperation should be considered with reduction in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). This is a crucial discussion because these key marine environments are threatened with worldwide disappearance. We highlight the need for and suggest new ways to conserve, protect and restore these environments.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Water, Air, & Soil Pollution