California Dreamin’: Lessons in Coastal Marsh Restoration from San Francisco Bay

Cooks, S. and J. Sharpe

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To get to this point restoration science has over the past thirty years climbed a steep learning curve based upon an assessment of past experience, and publicly funded support for holistic planning. Ongoing restoration planning and design incorporates lessons learned from past projects with modelling tool to assess future conditions. Local and national level public support has been fundamental to the creation of an enormous environmental restoration program in California. This has been made possible by offering the public a stake in environmental improvements and by clearly showing that their tax and charitable contributions have been wisely invested. Many of the planning and design lessons learned in San Francisco Bay are transferable to the UK. By learning from these experiences we can save time and money (and restoration opportunities) reinventing the wheel in the UK. The time is now right to galvanize activity and build upon UK coastal management initiatives to restore our coastal lowlands and meet our biodiversity obligations.

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Peer-reviewed Article

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