Can the Concept of Ecosystem Services be Practically Applied to Improve Natural Resource Management Decisions?

Wainger, L.A., D.M. King, R.N. Mack, E.W. Price and T. Maslin

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Applying ecosystem service valuation principles to natural resources management has the potential to encourage the efficient use of resources, but can decision support systems built on these principles be made both practical and robust? The limitations to building such systems are the practical limits on managers’ time to develop or learn tools and the state of the science to support decision-making components. We address this question by applying a cost- effectiveness analysis framework and optimization model to support the targeting of restoration funds to control an invasive grass (Bromus tectorum) in agro-ecosystems. The optimization aims to maximize benefits derived from a suite of ecosystem services that may be enhanced through site restoration.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Economics