Challenges and prospects for scaling-up ecological restoration to meet international commitments: Colombia as a case study

Murcia, C.M., M.R. Guarigata, A. Andrade, G.I. Andrade, J. Aronson, E.M. Escobar, A. Etter, F.H. Moreno, W. Ramirez, E. Montes

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The field of ecological restoration (ER) is now challenged by the need to achieve recovery at large spatial scales. Such scaling up requires technological expertise, inclusiveness and clarity of goals, and correct governance schemes and monitoring protocols, which are often absent from ER projects in most countries. We analyze the case of Colombia by assessing the planning, governance, and monitoring practices of 119 ER projects, and discuss them in the context of scaling up efforts to meet international commitments.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Conservation Letters