Chesapeake Oyster Reefs, Their Importance, Destruction and Guidelines for Restoring Them

Hargis, Jr., W.J. and D.S. Haven

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As a consequence, Hargis and Haven (unpublished reports) have urged in several public forums since early 1991 the rebuilding, or replacement, of oyster reefs as a measure in restoring the population levels and viability of C. virginica and the industry dependent thereon on the public or natural oyster grounds. We again recommend this restorative action. Doing so, whether by passive (simple recuperative closure) or active (actual replenishment by shells and/or seed, plus significant recuperative closure) restoration or by new construction (also aided by closure), will require careful planning, site selection and design. Below we develop and support these conclusions and offer some guidelines for restoration.

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Technical Document

Virginia Institute of Marine Science Press