Climate Smart Restoration Tool

Conservation Biology Institute, U.S. Forest Service, Oregon State University

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The Climate Smart Restoration Tool (CSRT) is an interactive web-based application that allows the user to match current seed sources with future climate conditions. The CSRT is designed to (1) easily incorporate new scientific information (e.g., climate projections, physiological thresholds) and (2) allow users to select parameters of interest (e.g., climate change scenarios, and time periods). Climate associated with existing ecoregions and seed zones will be displayed so that natural resource managers can choose the appropriate seed source for their restoration site, or decide where seed from a particular source can be planted in the future. Managers will also be able to view spatial maps of current and future climate, seed zones, ecoregions, and other contextual map layers.  The CSRT will provide the ability to download outputs of the tool to share with others and perform additional analysis within desktop data processing environments.

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Web-based Resource

Conservation Biology Institute