Collective Planning of Hydraulic Engineering Projects: Manual for Participation and Decision Support in Hydraulic Engineering Projects

Hostmann M., M. Buchecker, O. Ejderyan, U. Geiser, B. Junker, S. Schweizer, B. Truffer and M. Zaugg Stern

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This manual focuses on revitalisation and flood protection projects (referred to as hydraulic engineering projects). Methodological tools can also be transferred to other subject areas (e.g. natural hazard and infrastructure projects). The applicability of tools depends on the different constraints faced by specific hydraulic engineering projects and is adaptable to the needs of the individual project. The manual is aimed at those in charge of hydraulic engineering projects within local councils, cantons and the federal government, as well as contractors in engineering agencies, institutes and universities. The guidance is also useful for environmental and civil organisations, among others.

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Technical Document