Community-Based Eelgrass Restoration Manual

Short, F.T., C.A. Short and C.L. Burdick-Whitney

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The Community-Based Eelgrass Restoration Manual brings the reader through all necessary stages to complete an eelgrass restoration project that involves volunteer participation. In this manual, we briefly introduce eelgrass, discuss its ecology, plant characteristics, and value to the coastal ecosystem. We explain how to select transplant site; site selection is critical to long- term transplant success. We discuss necessary permits and equipment needed to complete a restoration project. We explain the methodology used to harvest the eelgrass from an appropriate donor site and to transplant the eelgrass shoots using the TERFS (Transplanting Eelgrass Remotely with Frame Systems) method. We discuss the logistics of organizing an eelgrass transplanting project using volunteers from the community. Finally, we explain how to monitor the eelgrass transplants and determine the success of the project.

Resource Type:
Technical Document

Jackson Estuarine Laboratory, University of New Hampshire