Conjugate Ecological Restoration Approach with a Case Study in Mentougou District, Beijing

Jin, J., R. Wang, F. Li, J. Huang, C. Zhou, H. Zhang and W. Yang

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Ecological restoration is a comprehensive engineering field that involves multidisciplinary and multisectoral efforts. More and more research works have been focused on ecological restoration since the 1980s. However, until now, most studies pay attention mainly on ecological technology, ecological policy, restoration of some certain ecosystem, and so on. There are few studies regarding the restoration plan of regional or the entire ecosystem. The objects of present research studies are mainly natural ecosystem; however, ecosystem is a complex system that encompasses natural, economic, and social sectors. Human society has great intimidation on nature, and if the degenerate social and economical systems do not get restored, the vicious cycle of degeneration will continue and the effects of natural ecosystem restoration cannot possibly be guaranteed.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Complexity