Coral Reef Restoration (Bolinao, Philippines) in the Face of Frequent Natural Catastrophes

Shaish, L., G. Levy, G. Katzir and B. Rinkevich

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This study analyzes the effects of these natural catastrophes on restoration efforts, and presents the successes and failures of recently used restoration instruments. Our results show that (1) in the nursery phase, consideration should be paid to depth-flexible constructions and tenable species/genotypes prioritization and (2) for transplantation acts, site/species deliberation, timing, and specific site selections should be taken into account. Only the establishment of large-scale nurseries and large transplantation measures and the adapting of restoration management to the frequently changing environment may forestall extensive reef degradation due to the combination of continuous anthropogenic and worsening global changes.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Restoration Ecology