Drylands, People, and Ecosystem Goods and Services: A Web-Based Geospatial Analysis

White, R.P. and J. Nackoney

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This web-based analysis takes advantage of the power of geospatial technologies to examine the world’s drylands. We consider drylands from the perspective of human livelihoods, examining how these livelihoods are integrated with dryland ecosystem goods and services. Our presentation is map-rich using combinations of remotely-sensed data and computer-based data management systems (GIS). Where global data are not available, we use regional and national studies. We focus on a selected set of dryland goods and services: forage and livestock; food production; biodiversity conservation; freshwater; carbon storage; energy production; and tourism and recreation. The final two sections examine drylands and trade and drylands and the impacts of human activities.

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Technical Document

World Resources Institute