East Kootenay Grassland Ecosystem Restoration: Project Synthesis: 2005-2010

Crowley, S. and M. Gall

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The projects identified in this report lie primarily within the Rocky Mountain Trench, an area that has been impacted over the past six decades by accelerated forest encroachment onto historic grasslands and a lack of natural fire. Within this geographic area, a wide range of public groups and stakeholders have developed a strategic Ecosystem Restoration Plan, “A Blueprint for Action” (2006, Rocky Mountain Trench Ecosystem Restoration Steering Committee). This document, and associated updates, describes a collaborative approach to conducting ER planning activities and treatments consistent with higher level planning documents and strategies. Approximately 4500 hectares of ER treatment on Crown lands are targeted annually through partnerships within the East Kootenay Trench to mitigate ongoing open habitat losses across the land base. A total of over 5.2 million dollars has been invested to complete ER associated activities in the East Kootenay Trench between 2005 and 2010.

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Technical Document

Ministry of Environment