Ecological Perspectives in Restoring Mine Waste Management Areas

Kalin, M. and W.N. Wheeler

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Ecological Engineering (EE) in mining waste restoration aims to apply knowledge of natural biological systems known to be present on rocks or minerals, and in sediments to practically and beneficially achieve human and industrial objectives in a natural self-sustaining way. Omitting or discarding ecological processes in the engineering of the mine waste management areas severely prolongs the longevity of current mining practices, when chemical treatment must be provided for hundreds of years. The mining industry needs to adapt to the values and aims of contemporary environmental engineering, to develop systems, structures, methods, tools and infrastructures to protect human and environmental health. The progress made in our EE projects has been brought about through the enhancement of ecosystem function. We will here briefly describe the transformation of an acid mine drainage dump into a productive, biologically-active polishing lake.

Resource Type:
Peer-reviewed Article

Precedia Environmental Sciences