Ecological Rehabilitation and Public Participation: General Considerations and Empirical Evidence from a Creek Rehabilitation Scheme near Cologne, Germany

Braun, B. and A.Z.M. Shoeb

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Ecological rehabilitation of rivers and streams has become a common practice in environmental planning and water management throughout Europe. With regard to rehabilitation projects public participation and bottom-up planning processes are favoured by state and local regulations alike. However, there are mixed experiences about public support of rehabilitation schemes. Whereas people support environmental improvements on a general level, acceptance is dwindling when conflicts of use arise or access to certain areas is going to be restricted. This study focuses on the assessment of public attitudes to rehabilitation and on improving the understanding of people’s preferences. The results of a representative questionnaire survey conducted in three villages along a rehabilitated creek in a densely populated suburban area near Cologne show that local support for rehabilitation is generally high.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Journal of Life and Earth Sciences