Ecosystem Thermal Buffer Capacity as an Indicator of the Restoration Status of Protected Areas in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands

Aerts, R., T. Wagendorp, E. November, M. Behailu, J. Deckers and B. Muys

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Restoration status of forest rehabilitation areas can be assessed by comparing their ecosystem characteristics with those of a reference system, most often what is considered the natural climax vegetation. However, comprehensive measurements needed for a traditional vegetation description are often hard or impractical in complex sub-tropical ecosystems. Therefore, an alternative approach is the identification of simple indicators of ecosystem integrity. The use of such indicators can speed up the availability of resource inventories and thus contribute to the accelerated implementation of successful rehabilitation practices. Thermal buffer capacity (TBC) of ecosystems has been previously proposed as an overall indicator of ecosystem integrity. In this article, sequential surface-temperature measurements are proposed as a method for TBC assessment of different land-use types.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Restoration Ecology