Effects of Light, Alien Grass, and Native Species Additions on Hawaiian Dry Forest Restoration

Cabin, R.J., S.G. Weller, D.H. Lorence, S. Cordell, L.J. Hadway, R. Montgomery, D. Goo and A. Urakami (

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Alien species invasions have already caused substantial ecological and economic damage and will likely have even greater negative consequences in the future. The results of this experiment highlight the importance of investigating species- and treatment-specific responses before attempting larger-scale restoration projects, particularly when using rare and endangered species. This study also suggests that relatively simple techniques may be used to simultaneously establish populations of vigorous understory native species and suppress alien grasses at relatively large spatial scales, and that remnant or newly created favorable microsites may be exploited to facilitate the establishment of rarer native overstory species.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Ecological Applications