Effects of marine restoration on ecosystem services

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Hazel Thornton

Publication Date:

Since the inception of the Marine Ecosystem Restoration in Changing European Seas (‘MERCES’) Project in July 2016, more than 130 restoration activities have been initiated across 12 European Countries with the aim of restoring regionally and internationally threatened and important marine and coastal habitats. Nevertheless, whilst restoration activities are widespread globally, the extent to which restoration actions result in a change in the delivery of ecosystem services is largely unknown. In this talk we will explore the link between marine habitat restoration and ecosystem service delivery within the European seas, drawing from MERCES and 80 additional restoration projects. We compare and contrast the delivery of ecosystem services between degraded and restored habitats; explore the link between specific restoration activities and ecosystem service delivery and consider the spatial scale of the benefits. Finally, we assess the degree to which changes in ecosystem services are quantified and monitored, or not. Trends, as well as gaps, in knowledge will be discussed and illustrated through case studies and spatial maps.

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