Effects of prescribed fire on wildlife and wildlife habitat in selected ecosystems of North America

Block, W.M., L.M. Conner, P.A. Brewer, P. Ford, J. Haufler, A. Litt, R.E. Masters, L.R. Mitchell, J. Park

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We used a regional approach, focusing on selected vegetation types for our review (Figure 1). Included were southeastern pine (Pinus spp.) and mixed pineoak (Quercus spp.) forests, eastern coastal marshes, midwestern jack pine forests, sagebrush (Artemisia spp.) ecosystems of the interior West, mixed-severity forests of the northern Rocky Mountains, subalpine and montane forests of the Canadian Rockies, southwestern ponderosa pine forests, desert grasslands, and shortgrass steppe ecosystems. We structured each regional account by reviewing historical and current uses of fire, and then discussed fire effects on wildlife and the challenges of using prescribed fire in each system.

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Technical Document

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