Enhancing ecosystem services through ecosystem restoration as part of climate change adaptation

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Irina Akhmedova , Evgeny Zarov , Alexander Kaverin , Ruslan Bolshakov , Mikhail Cherosov , Anne Tolvanen , Tatiana Minayeva

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Restoration of northern disturbed ecosystems has considerable potential in terms of adaptation to the rapidly changing climate. A number of ecosystem restoration projects were implemented in the Russian Arctic (Nenets Autonomous Okrug – NAO, Yamalo-Nenets AO, Republic of Sakha-Yakutia) and Finland (Oulu Province). This experience is limited in the Nordic regions. There is a lack of methodological support and channels for sharing information on ecological restoration projects, both in terms of planning and implementation and reporting on climate change adaptation. The Northern Forum launched the project “Enhancing ecosystem services through ecosystem restoration as part of climate change adaptation” to ensure that all actors involved in environmental management are aware of the effectiveness of Northern ecosystems restoration for climate change mitigation and adaptation purposes and to create the preconditions for introducing this experience into land use practice. The experimental works on ecological restoration were organised in NAO since year 2013. Monitoring works include assessment of changes in carbon balance including GHG emissions and could be used in the climate related regional reporting. Based on these results, the regions involved, will upscale the available experience and include ecosystem restoration activities in the regional adaptation plans supported by stakeholders. The project aims to produce the overview of the existing international experience on Northern ecosystems restoration; to identify the list of barriers and difficulties in ecosystem restoration projects implementation; to set up a Russian language web page informing all interested on the most recent information on methods, practices on Northern ecosystems restoration; and suggest the way for reporting on ecosystem restoration in the frame of NDCs. In preparation to the project planning and implementation in partner regions the inventory of degraded lands and prioritisation for needs of ecosystem restoration was carried out in the pilot area in the Numto Nature Park, KHMAO designating 8 % of the area or 1600 ha suitable for ecosystem restoration projects.

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Conference Presentation, SER2021

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