Evaluation of recreational value to a restored wetland ecosystem based on mobile signaling data

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Peichao Dai

Publication Date:

In order to protect the ecosystem services of coal mining subsidence wetlands effectively, scholars are trying to quantify the valuation of their ecosystem services. The most challenging task is valuing the cultural ecosystem services, as reliable and effective data are often obtained difficulty. Therefore, this paper introduced mobile phone signaling data into the travel cost method and constructed the evaluation model of recreational services to subsidence wetlands. By utilizing the mobile phone signaling data, to explore the recreational participants’ duration of stay, the start and endpoint coordinates, movement trajectory and so on, this paper estimated each participant’s possible cost. Meanwhile, the empirical study was carried out in 2018 with a sample size of 25,087 recreational participants in Pan’an Lake wetland park, Xuzhou City, China. The data mining showed that: (1) Mobile signaling data has a unique advantage in determining the travel distance and accommodation of recreational participants; (2) The participants were distributed over 229 cities, but 87.2% came from a nearby city within 300km, and 72.04% were Xuzhou natives; (3) The average consumer surplus was about 132.75 China Yuan (CNY), with an average cost of 308.11 CNY for an individual recreational activity. The results showed that the recreational value of Pan’an Lake was about 823 million CNY in 2018. The results are similar to the recreational value of wetland parks in China and abroad, which indicated that the mobile phone signaling data can be used as a new data source in estimating the wetland park’s recreational valuation.

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