Fish Habitat Rehabilitation Procedures

Slaney, P.A. and D. Zaldokas (eds.)

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This technical document is a guide to restoring fish habitat in British Columbia. The lack of any mechanisms to ensure the rehabilitation or offsetting measures for adversely impacted hillslopes, riparian areas and streams resulted in B.C.’s Watershed Restoration Program (WRP), which was implemented in mid-1994. In combination with recent forest practices legislation in B.C. (Forest Practices Code), there is an opportunity to reverse habitat losses associated with past and new forest harvesting. Both restoration and the Code are based on several decades of research on watershed processes, limitations to salmonid production in streams, and habitat rehabilitation techniques described in Chapters 5 through 15. These provide the technical basis for a suite of integrated restorative measures to accelerate natural recovery processes in forested watersheds impacted by past practices that would otherwise require decades, even centuries to recover naturally.

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Technical Document

BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks