Forest landscape restoration opportunity assessment for Malawi

Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining - Malawi

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This report presents the results of the National Forest Landscape Restoration Assessment (NFLRA) for Malawi. The NFLRA process was launched in February 2016 by the Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining in close collaboration with government departments in the Ministries of Agriculture, Water and Irrigation; Lands; Local Government; Finance; Gender and Social Services; and other concerned stakeholders. The national assessment was designed to identify needs and opportunities for the restoration of the productivity and ecological function of degraded and deforested landscapes in Malawi that will in turn help to achieve Malawi’s sustainable development goals related to food, water, and livelihood security and climate resilience. The NFLRA Report, together with the associated National Forest Landscape Restoration Strategy, provide the data, analyses and vision to achieve large-scale restoration in Malawi. Restoration is achieved by strategically addressing the drivers of land degradation and deforestation that limit agricultural productivity and the potential for sustained economic growth, and the interlinked underlying causes resulting in declining agricultural productivity and decreasing food security, increasing water scarcity, limited sources of household energy and declining supply of biomass energy, and escalating vulnerability to changing climate and other weather-related shocks. In addition, this report and the accompanying NFLR Strategy provide the framework for Malawi to achieve its 4.5-million-hectare national restoration commitment to the African Forest Landscape restoration Initiative (AFR100) under the Bonn Challenge.

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White Paper

Republic of Malawi - The Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, IUCN, WRI