Forest Restoration and Armed Conflicts: Challenges and Policy Options for India

Mukherjee, N. and M. Parihari

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Forest restoration need not be an unmixed blessing in practice. Due to both foreseen and unforeseen factors restored forests can turn into hot-beds of armed conflict thus defeating the very purpose for which they were raised. Amongst many developing countries with such bad experience is India which is facing bitter conflicts in its forested areas. The focus of the paper is to understand the impacts of the conflict on forest restoration practices and forest management and to suggest ideas towards bettering participatory forest management. Strengthening of socio-economic position and livelihoods of local communities and their empowerment is a much larger issue and should be a pre-requisite for forest restoration strategies. Neglect of local communities and their livelihoods can only endanger restored forest areas and add to their vulnerability and hence make such areas vulnerable to divisive forces. Timely interventions, continuous assessments, reflection, stock-taking and monitoring are also crucial for reforested areas.

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Technical Document

Proceedings of the 18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference