From a Biodiversity Perspective: Risks, trade-offs, and international guidance for Forest Landscape Restoration

Pistorius, T. and L. Kiff

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Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) has become one of the most important international policy topics in the environmental sector; it is a comprehensive concept to implement the objectives of all relevant international forest policy processes. The Bonn Challenge and related policy initiatives have put a strong emphasis on enhancing ecosystem services and contributing to the well-being of humans – framing FLR as the ´restoration of ecosystem services´.While proponents of FLR emphasize the potential synergies between environmental, economic and social objectives, in practice a number of factors will be decisive for the nature and dimension of trade-offs on the ground. The expert survey confirmed the findings of the literature review: experts are aware of potential risks and trade-offs between different environmental, economic and social objectives of FLR measures.

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Technical Document

German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation