From Atlantic Forest Biome to local: Strengthening local forest landscape restoration networks

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Daniel Arrifano Venturi, Ludmila Pugliese, Alex Mendes, Edson Santiami, Anita Diederichsen

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The Atlantic Forest (AF) is one of the tropical forests with the highest priority and global potential for restoration efforts. There is an urgent need for its recovery and investments must go beyond legal compliance. Considering different motivations and scales of interventions of the institutions interested in the forest landscape restoration (FLR) of the AF is crucial to guarantee that local institutions, especially the implementers, are involved and are being strengthened to access the opportunities that  will emerge for the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and play an active role in it. In 2020, Atlantic Forest Restoration Pact (AFRP) supported an integrated effort with three local institutions (AFRP regional Units) in different AF landscapes. These efforts aimed to strengthen their capacity, their technical expertise, and their geospatial database aiming to increase their protagonist to support FLR local networks as well as the planning and implementation of restoration projects in the field. According to AFRP regional units and lessons learned on this process, there is still a need for the creation and standardization of local geospatial databases in a collaborative way, so that they can be integrated on national platforms. In addition, continued technical training and experiences sharing are necessary, as well as a better connection between local implementers with a more diverse number of investors and sources of funding. The AFRP needs to continuously strength the integration between multiple platforms and access opportunities for local restoration networks – that is one of the goals of the Pact Challenge in this decade.

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Conference Presentation, SER2021

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