From Initiative 20×20 to 30×50

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Walter Vergara , Luciana Gallardo Lomeli

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Back in 2014, Initiative 20×20 was launched with the objective of bringing 20 million hectares into the process of restoration in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) by the year 2020. With 7 countries initially committing to lead and support the restoration process, Initiative 20×20 has grown since then – another 10 countries have pledged to work on restoration. In support, more than 80 technical and financial partners have joined this process to build the land use transformation through national programs or privately funded productive projects. In this process, all members have collaborated in improving policy, mobilizing capital, exchanging technical know-how and communicating the relevance of the key restoration movement-actions to achieve the Initiative 20×20’s objective. After five years of engagement, countries and partners to Initiative 20×20 have begun the transformation of 19 million ha of land through more than 100 projects. Through this movement, they are ever more aware of the relevance of restoration for climate action, preserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods. Without losing any momentum, the platform is being relaunched with a new hectare goal – to bring 50 million hectares into the process of restoration by 2030. In doing so, Initiative 50×30 will continue working in promoting sustainable agroforestry systems, sustainable silvopastoral systems, holistic cattle-ranching and pasture management, reforestation, afforestation, low-carbon agriculture, and avoiding further degradation and deforestation. As the new movement begins, this presentation will highlight the lessons learned from Initiative 20×20 and call all participants to contribute to the its new objective.

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Conference Presentation, SER2021

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