Geodatabase Development for Forest Restoration and Biodiversity Conservation in the Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve, Philippines

Bantayan, N.C., E. Rodantes, G. Abraham and E.S. Fernando

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A GIS-based database (or geodatabase) was developed for the Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve, on Luzon Island, Philippines toward the establishment of a management decision support system. The study presents initial results in the development of a geodatabase, as well as the use of geographic information system (GIS) in the planning, design and implementation of programs for forest renewal and biodiversity conservation. GIS use for data encoding is already extensive but its use as a planning and analytical tool is limited, if not altogether lacking. An outline for the establishment of a geodatabase is presented that will allow processing, analysis and modeling and, ultimately, the sustainable development and conservation of the mountain forest reserve, which is a significant watershed area and an important catchment for Laguna de Bay – the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.

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Peer-reviewed Article

The Philippine Agricultural Scientist