Germinable Soil Seed Banks in Abandoned Grasslands in Central and Western Norway and their Significance for Restoration

Rosef, L.

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There was a separation of the two regions along the first DCA axis in both the seed bank and in the vegetation analysis and also a clear separation of the seed bank from the vegetation along the second axis. These results are caused by differences in former management as well as temperature, precipitation and soil type between Gaular and Orkdal. We found more annuals, short-lived species and species demanding light open conditions in the seed bank than in the vegetation probably because these species have the capacity for producing persistent seeds. Most of the species found only in the seed bank were found in very few samples and with few individuals. These results suggest that it may be difficult to increase vegetation biodiversity through restoration of grasslands such as those investigated if the natural soil seed bank is the main seed source.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Applied Vegetation Science