Global Peatland Restoration Manual

Schumann, M. and H. Joosten (

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The following document presents a science based and practical guide to peatland restoration for policy makers and site managers. The work has relevance to all peatlands of the world but focuses on the four core regions of the UNEP-GEF project “Integrated Management of Peatlands for Biodiversity and Climate Change”: Indonesia, China, Western Siberia, and Europe. Chapter 1 “Characteristics, distribution, and types of peatlands” provides basic information on the characteristics, the distribution, and the most important types of mires and peatlands. Chapter 2 “Functions & impacts of damage” explains peatland functions and values. The impact of different forms of damage on these functions is explained and the possibilities of their restoration are reviewed. Chapter 3 “Planning for restoration” guides users through the process of objective setting. It gives assistance in questions of strategic and site management planning. Chapter 4 “Standard management approaches” describes techniques for practical peatland restoration that suit individual needs.

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Technical Document