Grassland conservation and restoration in China: Achievements and outlook

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Li Yongjun

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China’s grassland area is nearly 400 million hectares, which is the largest green ecological area in China. The Chinese Government pays high attention to grassland conservation, makes it an important part of building ecological stability, and has continuously increased its support. In accordance with the requirements put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping to coordinate the management of mountain, river, forest, farmland, lake, and grassland systems, we have taken a series of measures to strengthen grassland conservation and restoration and have achieved obvious results. The tendency toward ecological deterioration of grasslands in China has been initially curbed, the grassland ecological environment has gradually improved, and the utilization of grassland resources has become more reasonable. But at the same time, the grassland ecosystem in China is still fragile, and the situation of grassland degradation in some places remains grim. We need to continue to maintain strategic confidence and continue to strengthen grassland conservation. Next, we will take the following measures: first, enhancing top-level design by improving policies, amending laws, and conducting long-term planning; second, strengthening the management of grassland resources according to laws; third, implementing more grassland restoration projects; fourth, promoting rational use of grassland resources; fifth, strengthening grassland monitoring and improving grassland statistical systems; and sixth, increasing the investment in grassland science and technology.  Meanwhile, we will strengthen cooperation with relevant countries, share and exchange successful experiences in grassland conservation and restoration, actively participate in global ecological governance, and jointly build a better home for mankind.

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