Grassland Restoration on Former Croplands in Europe: An Assessment of Applicability of Techniques and Costs

To_ro_k, P., E. Vid, B. Dea_k, S. Lengyel and B. To_thme_re_sz

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Grasslands used to be vital landscape elements throughout Europe. Nowadays, the area of grasslands is dramatically reduced, especially in industrial countries. Grassland restoration is widely applied to increase the naturalness of the landscape and preserve biodiversity. We reviewed the most frequently used restoration techniques (spontaneous succession, sowing seed mixtures, transfer of plant material, topsoil removal and transfer)and techniques used to improve species richness (planting, grazing and mowing) to recover natural-like grasslands from ex-arable lands. We focus on the usefulness of methods in restoring biodiversity, their practical feasibility and costs.

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Peer-reviewed Article

Biodiversity Conservation