Guidance for Protection and Restoration of the Nearshore Ecosystems of Puget Sound

Fresh, K., C. Simenstad, J. Brennan, M. Dethier, G. Gelfenbaum, F. Goetz, M. Logsdon, D. Myers, T. Mumford, J. Newton, H. Shipman and C. Tanner

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The Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership (PSNP) was formed to support efforts to improve the condition of the nearshore ecosystems of Puget Sound. In support of PSNP’s efforts, the Nearshore Science Team (NST) is producing interrelated, science-based technical products such as a set of Guiding Principles and a Conceptual Model. These products are intended to help identify problems with the nearshore ecosystems of Puget Sound, determine major information needs, and identify potential solutions. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for developing, selecting, and evaluating actions and projects targeted at protecting and restoring the nearshore ecosystems of Puget Sound.

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Technical Document

Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership