Helping Forests Take Cover

Lamb, D., V. Poopathy, S. Appanah and P.B.Durst (eds.)

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It is evident that decision making on the future of land use bears strongly on rehabilitation work. Unfortunately, most of the knowledge on how to plant, where to plant, and what are the consequences of not taking any action is still in the hands of the technical experts. Whereas the decisions on land use are usually made at a different level – by policy makers, land use planners and economists who usually do not have the benefit of technical expertise. The real need therefore is to make this technically complex science accessible to the decision makers. This publication presents, in language bereft of technical jargon, the basic issues behind rehabilitation. It explains the definitions in simple terms, exemplifies the work with interesting case studies, and points out the environmental and market forces that go into rehabilitation of landscapes. The work is further enhanced with clear illustrations, making the publication both enjoyable and insightful. I must congratulate the editors and the large number of experts for putting this work together.

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White Paper

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific